Forget Everything And Take A Look At These Innovative Durex Condom Ads That You Shouldn’t Miss

8:30 am 25 Jul, 2018


One of the most popular condom brands in the country Durex has been providing its service for decades now. And it is no mystery about how the brand become so popular. Incidentally, Durex condom has bombarded us with some of the most innovative and epic ads that have not only made us laugh, but also praise their marketing team. Adding the right amount of fun with sexy, Durex Condom ads are winning the game ahead of their competitors.

From taking a dig at Sonam and Anand Anuja’s wedding to posting the perfect rhetorical question when the Indian rupee hit an all-time low at 69 against the US dollar, they kept us entertained in the sexiest way possible with their creativity.



Take a look at some of the most creative Durex condom ads that will leave amazed:


Well, that’s how Durex describes working with Sartaj Singh in Sacred Games



We also want the same!



Durex perfectly describes the new age gaming rules!



An apple a day can really keep the doctor away!



Indoor is always better than in outdoor. Don’t you think?



Your choice is your choice, none of our choice!



Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli received a special message on their wedding day!




And, so did Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja!



Celebrating the all-time of low of Indian Rupee against US Dollar!




‘Yoga’ is healthy for your mind, body, and soul!



Our definition of grownups is a bit different from their definition!



There is pleasure in delaying the ‘climax’ sometimes!



Sex Education is indeed important!



This Jon Snow definitely knows! Does he?



Durex welcomes the royal birth of Prince Louis with the best message!



Are you missing your special someone?!



Certainly, no leaks!



Incidentally, Durex knows how to find pleasure in every situation. The Brand Ambassador also agrees!



What do you you think about these Durex condom ads?