This Pakistani’s Killer Moves On Drake’s #InMyFeelings Challenge Is Breaking The Internet, Watch Video

2:24 pm 21 Jul, 2018


2017 was defined by dance videos of Despacito and Shape of You, making netizens go crazy dancing and sharing their videos online. Cut to 2018, it’s time for the top trending song ‘In My Feelings‘ to take charge. This new song has made Drake, the undoubted king of chart buster in 2018! After international smash hits “God’s Plan” and “Nice For What”, this single has ranked top in U.K.’s songs chart. Now, it has turned into #InMyFeelings challenge.

Now, the craze just got murkier. Netizens from all across the globe are busy taking up the #InMyFeelings challenge, where they film their version of few signature steps. As each day passes, this challenge is becoming more popular.



Since social media is the breeding ground for talents, these videos become viral instantly. The #InMyFeelings challenge is one such trend, which has created a storm.



Drake’s song has created such a buzz, that it has turned into a social challenge. From American DJ Diplo to Hollywood biggie Will Smith, everyone’s taken it up!




Here are videos of willing participants who have posted their versions on social media:



This father-daughter couldn’t resist it either!



It’s popular even with 6-year old’s!



Jumping out of moving cars will eventually lead to – injuries and bruises!





Not just road, even surfers have taken up the #InMyFeelings challenge!



What’s breaking the internet now, is this Pakistani man with his daredevil moves. Dressed in all-white, he is seen stepping out of a moving car and doing those killer moves for the challenge.



Someone recorded his quirky moves from inside the car, and the video has gone viral on Instagram since. Take a look at how this Pathani aced the challenge:



In case you haven’t heard the song, click this original track:




Warning: Although this challenge is getting popular by the day, it’s inadvisable to step out of a moving vehicle to shake your booty. It shouldn’t be attempted on a busy road or by kids.