Indian Woman Fined Rs.17K In New Zealand For Carrying Cow Urine

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2:37 pm 6 Oct, 2015

In a strange incident, an Indian woman was fined for carrying cow urine at New Zealand airport.

She was fined $400 (approx Rs.17000) after she failed to declare two bottles containing cow urine as part of her luggage, said border officials.


The incident which took place last month came to light when it was mentioned in the ministry’s monthly report released recently.

Antony Owen, a senior official, said:

“When the officers started to inspect the contents of the luggage, they found two bottles of cow urine for medicinal purposes.”


Owen explained that the belief that animal products have healing properties can stop people from thinking they need to declare it.

“We probably get things like this because they are related to culture, religion or traditional medicines. When they fall into that category, that can cloud people’s judgement sometimes in what they’re declaring,” he adds.

New Zealand prohibits import of animals, plants, birds, bees, dairy, plant products, and so on under the Biosecurity Act 1993 “to prevent the importation of pests and unwanted organisms”.


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