Infatuation VS Love: 16 Ways You Can Tell the Difference

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12:00 pm 15 Mar, 2016


Love and infatuation are quite confusing, don’t you agree? And why not! After all, the early symptoms for both are quite similar. Spiked pulse rate and heartbeat, the fear of blabbering incoherently while facing your crush, butterflies in the stomach – these all tend to confuse us mortals most of the time.
So, we have put in some effort and compiled a list of major differences in love and infatuation to help get you a clearer perspective on your feelings, and find the person for you. Take a look; we are quite sure you’re going to love it:


1. Infatuation happens in the blink of an eye; love happens over time.

Because love takes time to prosper—it’s something that will stay with you forever.


2. Infatuation is anxiety; love is inner calm.

Increased heart beat, increased pulse rate, palms sweating is what represents infatuation; love, on the other hand, is a feeling of comfort and relaxation with less anxiety.


3. Infatuation makes you a different person; love results in you being your true self.

If you tend to behave differently than your normal self to appear perfect to your partner, be rest assured of it being infatuation. However, when in love, you are simply comfortable in your own skin!


4. Infatuation makes you please the other; love makes you want to make the other person happy.

In infatuation, you just tend to satisfy the other person regardless of your own wishes. However, in love, there is no such obstacle—both of you want to be happy together regardless of everything else!


5. Infatuation means ‘you and me’; love means ‘us’.

Comparison often happens in infatuation (you are more attractive, I am not) while in love it’s always ‘us’ and nothing else!


6. Infatuation is short-lived; love grows with time.

Infatuated people tend to get bored in a short span of time while for people in love, fondness increases with time.


7. Infatuation is superficial; love lives in the soul.

You are intensely attracted to your partner physically in infatuation, while in love you simply love them—their craziness, little quirks and what not…!



8. Infatuation is perfection; love has flaws.

You may feel pressurized to be perfect always in infatuation. However, in love, you guys can have a million flaws yet cherish the company of each other.


9. Infatuation makes you dependent; love makes you thrive.

Your life revolves around your partner only and you have no freedom to do anything else if you are infatuated. However, your true love always wants you to remain independent and enjoy life even without them.


10. Infatuation ends with distance; love blossoms with it.

Distance usually ebbs away your liking for one another, but distance is never an issue with love.


11. Infatuation makes you jealous; love makes you secure.

Are you jealous of your partner’s beautiful secretary? Well, sweetie, you’re probably not in love! Not yet.


12. Infatuation makes you fall for others; love keeps you glued.

No matter how many glamorous people you have to be with on a regular basis, your love and admiration for your girlfriend/boyfriend never diminishes a bit. That’s love.


13. Infatuation distances you from your peers; love keeps your friendship intact.


14. Infatuation has to do with lust; love has to do with affection.

Entirely physical, infatuation often ends after being intimate, but love is a truly genuine feeling and goes far beyond physical intimacy.


15. Infatuation means arguments if your opinion offends your partner; love is getting your opinions accepted.


16. Infatuation is a shiny new pair of Louboutins; love is comfy old sneakers.

… which there’s no need to be on edge all the time and impress your partner, you can let your hair down, act crazy or relax. You’ll be as precious as ever despite all your quirks..