These 9 Photos Of Madrasas Celebrating Independence Day Will Fill You With Pride

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7:30 am 14 Aug, 2018


“Diversity is the one true thing that all Indians have in common.” Being said that, there is no wonder that the old phrase of ‘unity in diversity’ will also stand true for our nation. One look around and you will see people with endless dissimilarities in terms of everything from religion to way of life. True, there are also wounds of communal clashes that refuse to fade away. However, there are also the instances where the togetherness of Indian citizens is portrayed in the best possible manner. Here are some such images of madrasas celebrating Independence Day in India that will warm up your heart.


1. India is a county where there’s home for every religion



2. The future of the nation




3. Together we stand to make this nation great



4. The love for country!



5. True treasures of Bharat



6. Celebration of Independence knows no religion



7. A nation whose beauty is reflected in it’s diversity


Muslim girls celebrating Independence


8.  The smile says it all!



9. India is born with every act that supports unity



The images of the madrasas celebrating Independence Day is truly something that captures the true essence of our nation. What do you think?

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