Indore Youngster Transforms His Bedroom Into An Old Age Home To Provide Support To The Elderly

4:00 pm 17 Sep, 2017


Old age is the perfect time to relax and rejuvenate. It is a time where one simply thinks of revisiting the childhood days and re-live every moment of unperturbed innocence through their grandchildren. But not everyone is blessed with such good fortune. Every day thousands of elderly are being rendered homeless in India, with newer old age homes cropping up everywhere.


Yash with one of his grandmothers. Naidunia

While “old age homes” remind us of our failures as a progressive society, one cannot deny the fact that it is because of such old age homes that some people are getting a cot to rest on and two square meals a day in the last few days of their lives. This is why one man decided to open an old age home.

Situated in Gandhi Nagar area of Indore, ‘Shriram Nirakshit Vridhyasram’ is a charitable institution set up by the youngsters of the area where elderly people – those above the age of 70 – are not only provided a ‘new home’ but also referred to as grandfather and grandmother by the workers.

The charitable trust was first started by a 23-year-old young man named Yash Parashar, who transformed his own bedroom into an old age home. It was on one of his visits to the M.Y. Hospital for donating blood that he came across an old woman, who had no where to go.


Pained to leave her like that, Yash took her to his own house. Since his house was too small to accommodate a guest, he gave his bedroom to his new ‘grandma’. His kind act spread like a wildfire on social media and his friends took this simple initiative further and brought in more homeless elderly people to Yash. Slowly, his new family started increasing to the point that Yash and his friends had to take a separate home for them on lease.

To support this profound endeavor, Yash and his friend Sandeep Sharma started the Narmadiya Seva Foundation. As of now, they are taking care of 8 elderly people. The foundation has also successfully helped 16 others move back with their children after providing proper counselling to the children and other family members.

These elderly people are sometimes brought in by the friends and sometimes by the local police. As of now, Yash and Sandeep are being helped by Puroshottam Barodiya, Santosh Thakur, Narendra Shorat, Annapurna Bole and Prerna Billaure.


The members of the old age home Naidunia

What makes their foundation different from others is that Yash, Sandeep and their entire team do not run after money. They take an initiative to make the homeless elders a part of their ever-growing family. The people, whose responsibilities are borne by the foundation, sometimes do not have a single penny to give in return. It is only the sheer desire to usher in a better society that helps them keep at their profound endeavor and it is truly incredible. We wholeheartedly wish Yash and Sandeep all the best!