Indonesian Man Kills A Snake With Bare Hands, Becomes Internet Sensation

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4:42 pm 23 Nov, 2017


Reptiles are timid and usually flee to seek cover if they are detected by people or pets. After an escape from their enclosure snakes can be found at warehouses, homes, gardens, parks or even a commuter train.

It is not hard to imagine what would happen if people spot a snake on a busy commuter train. Such an incident recently happened in Indonesia.

A screen grab of the video scmp

The train made an emergency stop after the reptile was spotted lurking on a baggage rack in a carriage headed to Jakarta from Bogor, south of the capital. However, shocked spectators – including a baton-wielding transit security guard – kept their distance, from the creature.



A video, which quickly went viral, showed an Indonesian man casually snatching the snake’s tail and then smashing its head on the floor in a violent whipping motion.

The creature was apparently killed instantly.


The man then tossed the snake, which was about one metre long, out of the door to waiting security staff.

It is not clear what kind of serpent it was or whether it was venomous. No injuries to passengers were reported.


It is not uncommon to see pets travelling on public transport in rural Indonesia, but passengers are prohibited from taking animals on urban transport lines.