This Photo From The Indo-US Joint Military Exercise Yudh Abhyas Tells A Lot About Our Soldiers

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6:29 pm 28 Sep, 2016

The Indo-US joint military exercise called Yudh Abhyas concluded on September 27 in the hills of Uttarakhand very close to the China border. This was the 12th edition of the exercise and it commenced on September 12.

Among many photos from the exercise showing Indian and US soldiers practicing counter-terror operations side-by-side, this photograph caught the attention of the social media audiences.


The photo was posted from the official Facebook account of the Indian Army.

Commentators pointed out what was obvious – the huge technological gap between the two armies.


While we want our brave soldiers to give a fitting response to Pakistan for their continued backing of terrorists against India, we often forget that mere bravery is not everything in a battle.

Any soldier, however brave, needs proper weapons to fight the enemy. And this is exactly what the Indian armed forces need.

Just because our weapons are superior to the Pakistani armed forces should not mean that we stop making our armed forces a modern, agile, advanced and effective fighting machine.

Yes, our army needs a far better assault rifle than the INSAS. (Even the Army has asked for the same.) Not just better guns, they also need guns fitted with scope and the kind of body armour that nearly every US soldier wears to battle.

Aside from the Army, our Air Force is in desperate need of more fighter jets. Those 36 Rafale are too few for us, anyway. Our Navy is perhaps the strongest and most advanced of the three, yet they too need more submarines.

If India is able to improve the strength of its soldiers and its defence infrastructure, not only will there be too few terror attacks our enemies will actually think twice before challenging us.

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