An Amazing Story Of How Social Media Rescued Two Indians Who Were Stuck In Bhutan

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3:54 pm 18 Apr, 2016


Two Indians–Deep Shah and Parth Trivedi–went to Bhutan for a trip, but they couldn’t get back as the border was closed.

Though Bhutan border is a free border (one can walk through without worrying), it was closed on account on elections in West Bengal.


Stuck in a terrible situation, they first sought help from Consulate General of India in Bhutan.

However, they didn’t get a positive response. It said:

“No. There is no chance you can enter India before Sunday night.”

After that, they tried getting help from the Indian Embassy. The officials at Embassy said:

“I can’t give you any assurance, but you can go to the border, present your documents and maybethey will let you through.”


At that point, they were clueless and lost hope.


Then social media users came to their rescue.


Though the post was shared and people came forward to help, they wanted someone on the border who could tell them what was exactly going on.

Then they tweeted MP Shashi Tharoor.




And voila! Tharoor was awake and retweeted almost instantly, tagging the relevant people.


After a while, Shashakt Seema Bal of the Minitry of Home Affairs contacted them.

They asked about their whereabouts and told them to come border immediately so that they can cross it.


They thanked everyone who helped them.


Finally, everybody couldn’t help but applaud the use of social media.


Both the Indians were thrilled by the help they received.

Parth said, “The compassion was unmatched. He was the happiest police officer I have seen in my entire life. We felt we were safe, not just now but as along as people like Mr. Badiya, Mr. Singh and Ms Mishra are standing there for us.”