IndiGo Airlines Becomes The Newest Face For Hilarious Memes After The Assault Video Row

1:29 pm 10 Nov, 2017


A few days back, IndiGo Airlines made it to the headlines for an utterly despicable reason. In a video that went viral over the social media, a passenger was seen brutally beaten up by a couple of ground staffs at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. Ever since the video went viral on the social media, people from all the sections of the society have been criticizing the airline for their shameful customer service. Although the airlines issued a public apology for the brawl, commoners are yet not ready to forgive and forget.

A passenger was severely beaten by IndiGo staff at IGI Airport, New Delhi. The Sun


While, on one hand, hashtags such as #BoycottIndiGo started trending on Twitter amid much outrage, some Twitteratti decided to keep this simple but absolutely on point. To address the issue on a lighter (but more harsher) note, they started creating hilarious but heartless memes and posts.

Here’s sharing a few hilarious ones –

This one’s class apart!


Do you think IndiGo should consider changing their header to this?

Well! True enough!

The digs were quite harsh but seemingly legitimate!

That’s some food for thought though. What do you think?

Burdened with all the viral memes and criticisms, IndiGo Airlines issued a statement saying that some of the tweets doing rounds on the social media were not posted by them and that they are a hoax.

It is to be remembered that the video circulated online saw a passenger being stopped from entering a coach, then pulled back by a ground staff before being beaten severely by another.

Apologizing to Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathy Raju, IndiGo president and whole-time director Aditya Ghosh wrote:

At the very outset, let me start off by acknowledging that we were at fault and we not only apologise for the regrettable incident, we have also taken action.

Whistleblower Montu Kalra was sacked by the administration of IndiGo Airlines after the video went viral. source



Meanwhile, IndiGo Airlines has sacked a ground staff named Montu Kalra for allegedly shooting the incident and circulating the same online.

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