Jerk-Less Seats, Bio-Toilets: Take A Look At India’s New Train Coaches

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3:55 pm 1 Dec, 2015


Indian Railways may soon launch their ‘Make in India’ railway coaches.

The trial run for these coaches have already commenced, but it will take some time before we see them in regular passenger trains.

Currently, the trials runs for these new coaches are being held between the Bhopal and Bina railway stations in Madhya Pradesh with Coach Rehabilitation Workshop (CRWS) in Nishaputra, Bhopal doing the manufacturing of these coaches.

The new coaches will make the journey more comfortable for passengers, as both sleeper and sitting coaches will now face lesser jerks and have better sanitation facilities.

Though the ‘Make in India’ project is relatively new, the work on this project started four years ago in 2011. Now, under the Make in India campaign, they are finally getting a trial run.


According to the, a total of 111 coaches have been planned wherein 87 coaches would be Non-AC, 17 coaches would be 3-tier AC, 5 coaches would be 2-tier AC and two coaches for 1-tier AC.

Besides, chair car coaches have also been  planned and earlier this year a trial run was also done with 24 chair car coaches at the speed of 120 km per hour.

The interiors of the coaches looks good with more comfortable seating arrangements.

The cramped side-berths of the coaches will now have more space and well managed.

The newly designed seats have been made from fire-proof materials, so it would be much safer for passengers during an emergency situation.

The seats of these newly designed coaches are made from special technology that makes them absorb more jerks, thus making the journey much more smoother.

The middle and upper berths of the trains have also been fitted with side railings and instead of current chains that supports the middle births, stronger support straps have been added.

These coaches also has more bright and chirpy interiors as compared to the current dull theme with even the flooring having been changed.

The specially designed floorings gives a carpet like look. Though it is not actually a carpet, the paint finish makes it look much better than the current metal flooring.

The coaches would also have more charging points than ever before with power outlets being made in every sitting area, along with new LED reading lights being fitted instead of the current yellow bulbs.

With regards to passenger safety, the coaches would also have two fire extinguishers added to the each end of the coach.

A major addition to the new coaches is the new wash-rooms, wherein a new waste disposition system has been added.


For now, Indian train coaches have used open toilets which disposes off human waste right on to the tracks, but the new bio-degradable toilets will not only improve the sanitation of the train, they will help in maintaining cleanliness.

While the trail run of these coaches seems to be a success, it might be some time before we see them on regular passenger trains as the Railways Ministry for now plans to first run these coaches on premium trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi.