Meet India’s Bagicha Singh Who Has Walked 22 Years Of His Life

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8:00 pm 24 Nov, 2015


“It happens only in movies.”

Not really!

Meet Bagicha Singh.


This 80-year-old man, who has been walking the soil of India for the past 21 years, and is on his 22nd journey.


He started his journey back in February 1993. So far he has covered 5,60,000 km!



But why would he do that? Is he really Forrest Gump looking for Jenny?

No, he is an Indian we all need to look up to.I know what the aam aadmi in you must be thinking!

“God knows what they think when they put their lives out there selflessly with one damn motive – to make this a better world to live in?”


Bagicha Singh has been crisscrossing the land of India to spread awareness about tobacco.

Ideosphere Talkies found this man on the streets of Hyderabad and couldn’t stop themselves from starting a conversation.

Bagicha Singh says it aches his heart to see the young generation getting caught up in a mesh of tobacco. He realized long back that it’s not possible to get the addicts to quit it. Hence, he decided to keep the young hearts aware of what all tobacco can do.

He was inspired by Chandrashekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh and had an urge to do something for his country. He told his family that he doesn’t want to get married. In response, his father said, “If you are doing something for the nation, we are with you.”

He claims that most of the people he encountered and counselled, have quit tobacco and he hopes he will be able to intensify the impact in the coming years. His age doesn’t shake his bold intentions.


It’s pretty unfortunate that in this day and time when a ludicrous stint becomes a front page headline, this man has never been anywhere close to it.

I’m 22 years old and I have never heard of him all my life. But yes, I have seen Milind Soman.


Yes, Mr Old Spice! You are.

Such is the plight of mainstream media. When it comes to hot celebrities, the real unsung heroes are left far behind.

Watch Bagicha Singh here!



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