Want Some Action In Your Food? India’s First PUBG Themed Restaurant Is Your Destination

1:14 pm 30 Oct, 2018


Recently I discovered my adorable 9-year-old nephew and grown-ass 30-year-old partner shares the same obsession. Playing PUBG! Yes, the game that has taken over Indian gamers, young and old alike. From metro to market, each day I meet a PUBG lover for sure. Now, if you are one of those obsessed with this game then I have some great news for you. As you have guessed correctly, it’s about India’s first PUBG themed restaurant.

PUBG is the short form for the name PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds. Located in Jaipur, the restaurant also kept its name in a similar fashion. It’s named as Player Unknowns Belly Grounds. Smart!




The interior is minutely detailed to fit the theme perfectly. India’s first PUBG themed restaurant has everything from a grass entrance to seats covered in camouflage material. Not to forget the tables which looks like the front of a jeep, headlights included.



This décor will not fail to touch the heart of those who are absolutely passionate about PUBG. Before telling you more, here are some of the images. Let’s start with the mural of players.



Cool entrance



Peek at the menu



Exploring around



Enjoyed the interiors? We are sure that the excitement is high among the PUBG lovers. Now, let us increase your temptation by showing you some of these ‘delicious’ images.



You can enjoy non-alcoholic drinks too!






Naturally, the netizens couldn’t control their happiness and took to social media to talk about India’s first PUBG themed restaurant. Check out what they said:







While the décor will assure that the fans rush to the restaurant, the appealing images of chicken dishes are certain to tempt any food lover. So, are you ready to get your squad to venture the restaurant?

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