Kapil Dev Inaugurates India’s First Online Betting Centre But Refuses To Place The First Bet

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8:11 pm 13 May, 2016

In a rare event, cricket legend Kapil Dev inaugurated India’s first online sports betting centre in Sikkim.

But after inaugurating the centre Dev refused to place any bets despite repeated requests as he was “not a betting person.”




The first betting centre has been set up by the Golden Gaming International Private Limited at MG Road, Sikkim and was inaugurated on May 12.

Sikkim is the only state where online sports betting is legal and they have now provided three companies licences to set up establishments for that purpose.


A advertisement of Golden Gaming. Scroll

A advertisement of Golden Gaming. Scroll

After the inauguration ceremony Manoj Sethi, director of the new venture, expressed his desire that he hoped ‘other states also follow our (Sikkim’s) unique model and legalise online sports betting’.

With this venture, the companies are primarily aiming to target tourists that visit the state from West Bengal.


Representational Image Gemjamacala

Representational Image Gemjamacala

The companies have only been given online betting licence on the condition that betting activities be permitted within the state that too only through an intranet connection.

The Sikkim Government in 2008 had passed a legislations under the Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Act 2008 and got permission for it from the Union Home Ministry in April 2014.

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