India’s First Ever Lesbian Web Series Comes Out This Month

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 3:56 pm

‘Anyone But Me’ was the first web series I ever caught. And then ‘Orange Is The New Black’ blew the web series thing wide open. Like all things trending, India caught on to this trend fairly quickly, and before you knew it ‘Bang Baaja Baaraat’ was all the rage.

Given that some 98 percent of the stories told in India all revolve around a boy and a girl, it’s about time the gay community got stories they can relate to. Earlier this year, director Amit Khanna made India’s first LGBT web series, ‘All About Sec-377’. And now Just Like That Films have come up with India’s first ever lesbian web series, due to come out sometime this month.


The story of two girls who fall in love in small-town 90s India, ‘The Other Love Story’ looks very interesting. More importantly, it looks real.

Director Roopa Rao said in an interview,

If you are a sucker for sweet romance, if your heart belongs to unadulterated 90’s, if you miss the era when the internet/cell phones had not hijacked human emotions, if you want to indulge in something that you have never witnessed or something that has happened to you…(who has not been in love…the first earth shattering, life altering kind of love) – this is for you.


Here’s a look at one of ‘The Other Love Story’ teasers. Enjoy!