Meet India’s First Lady Truck Mechanic. Her Technical Skills Will Blow Your Mind

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6:13 pm 4 Nov, 2016

India is a land of diverse people with incredible talent. If we talk about Indian women, they keep on challenging their limits and never stop proving that there is nothing they can’t do!

Meet 55 year-old Shanti Devi. She is India’s first lady truck mechanic. Do I need to say more about Indian women and their strength?



More than 20 years ago, Shanti Devi along with her husband came to Delhi from Madhya Pradesh in search of a livelihood.

They had a dream of getting settled and have work of their own. After doing some odd jobs they started a tea stall at Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar. It’s a place that witnesses thousands of trucks passing daily.



Soon, their business started flourishing and the couple started a truck repair shop. Shanti Devi used to assist her husband and soon became a master at her work.



People hesitated and questioned her skills but Shanti Devi was determined to prove them wrong.

She can now lift a 50 kg truck tyre in one go and repairs 10-15 punctures daily.



With her skills and hardwork, she managed to raise 8 kids who are now settled in different states in India. She even gives motivational speeches in school and colleges.

Shanti Devi claims that she is better that any other truck mechanic.



Despite of being a 55-year-old woman, she has determination in her heart to prove herself.Not only is she an inspiration for every woman but also proves a famous saying…

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


To know more about Shanti Devi and her skills, check out this video…



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