“I Did Not Even Understand What Billionth Meant”: Mother Of India’s Billionth Baby

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2:15 pm 13 May, 2015


On May 11, 2000, the birth of Astha Arora was not a usual affair. Moments after her birth, she became famous. The media spotlight was on her. And the reason behind this was that she was ‘India’s billionth baby’.

That day, India’s population officially reached 1 billion people with the birth of Astha, reports BBC.


Government officials decided that a baby born at the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi would mark the milestone. It appeared that the baby girl was born with a golden spoon, but it was not so. Her mother, Anjana Arora, said that they have an ordinary life. They did not receive any benefits.


In this video, Anjana Arora talks about the day her family was thrust into the media spotlight.



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