Soon It Will Be Tougher For Indians To Sponsor US Green Card For Parents

6:51 pm 9 Oct, 2018


As per the US data between 2010 and 2017, out of 45 lakh new arrivals remained in the US, over 8 lakh — more than 1 in 6 — were from India. This is the highest number of immigrants from any single country. In these seven year, in terms of share, the Indian immigrant population has grown by 47 per cent, or nearly half. Earlier, it was easy for Indians having green card to sponsor their parents but if a draft proposal from Trump administration is implemented, then it would make difficult for parents of Indians living in the US to get green card.

The draft proposal asks people filing for a status change to green card to submit the asserted new Form I-944. The forms collects information like financial status, educational qualification, job profile, age, English proficiency, to determine if the application should be denied on grounds of public charge.


This means if a parent is suffering from a chronic health condition then approval of application could become difficult.


Moreover, those having financial assets or income below 250 per cent of federal property guidelines ($41,150 for a family of two or $84,350 for a six member family), could face problems as immigrations officials will have the power to deny their green cards. It is estimated that nearly 25 per cent of recent immigrants from India (who migrated between fiscal years 2014-16) have income below the 250 per cent threshold.

Undoubtedly this will lead to a dip in family immigration.



In its research report, Migration Policy Institute (MPI) stated that out of 64,687 green cards allotted to Indians during the fiscal year (2016), 65 per cent were obtained under the family sponsorship route. As of April, there were 632,219 Indian immigrants and their spouses and minor children waiting for green cards.