Web Analytics Reveal That Indians Are Searching Aadhaar More Than Porn On The Internet Right Now

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1:46 pm 21 Mar, 2018


In 2017, India was on the third position in the porn consumption index across the world. Web analytics had revealed that a lot of popular porn websites such as Xvideos.com get a large part of their traffic from India. Xvidoes is a porn compiler that offers porn clips for free.



According to more recent analysis by Alexa, the most popular web analytics company, Xvideos is the 38th most popular website in the world, and the most trafficked porn website. This website gets 8.6 per cent of its traffic from India. But surprisingly, these very estimates reveal that the Indian traffic on Xvideos has lately been surpassed by that on the website of Aadhaar.




As per Alexa’s data concerning the top 50 websites in India, UIDAI is ranked number 14 while Xvideos is on number 15. The top three websites on the list are owned by Google while Facebook ranks 4th. Preceding the UIDAI website is Instagram on number 13 and Indiatimes on number 12. Others in the top 10 are Wikipedia, Amazon and Flipkart. A glimpse of the website rankings by Alexa can be seen below:



This implies that as the government has laid more stress on its Aadhar program, Indians have become more concerned about Aadhaar and Unique Identification (UID) than porn. At least this is what the data from web analysis is suggesting.


The Supreme Court of India. IndiaToday



Meanwhile, the Supreme Court of India has ruled that Aadhaar will not be mandatory for bank accounts and phone connections for now, prolonging its decision indefinitely. But the internet search trend of India shows that the biggest biometric project of the world is heading towards a success that it deserves! Don’t you think so? Share your views with us in the comments section.

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