On New Year’s Eve, Indians Showed That Biryani Is Their True Bae!

2:11 pm 9 Jan, 2019


Biryani is bae! There is no second guessing that statement. With more than 20 varieties, there are very few who can resist the tasty temptation of this food type. Aromatic and bursting with flavors, it is a meal that most of us love to enjoy. That love was clearly reflected on December 31, 2018. Wondering how? According to a recent report by food delivery platform Foodpanda, Indians ordered more than 20000 plates of Biryani on New Year’s ever.

Besides Biryani,  people were also gobbling on Black forest chocolate cake, burgers, fried rice, and chicken rolls. There is no doubt that Indians decided to bid goodbye to 2018 in a tasty way.




Foodpanda published its gastronomical trends for Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Vizag, and Delhi/NCR. This is the result that came up! What is even more surprising is that a single customer from Mumbai ordered for 22 times on December 31. Not only Biryani but he also indulged in other food items.

The food orders from the past year also revealed some interesting trends in terms of favorite food items for breakfast and lunch. As it turns out, Idli and dosa top the chart as the fav breakfast items. As for lunch, that place is dominated by shakes and ice-creams along with Biryani. Guess what was the favorite dinner food? Yes, Biryani again!



Quite evidently, most of the Indians threw their desire for diet out of the window to munch on rich and delicious food. Bengaluru, however, showed a different trend. It turns out they took the healthy route! Most of the orders from the city were for sugar-free juices and salads. Keeping everything aside, the point that is important is that Indians ordered more than 20000 plates of Biryani. Yay!




Are you also a part of the group who ordered more than 20,000 plates of Biryani? Do you love this amazing dish? Why don’t you share with us in the comments below?


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