This Ex-Army Man Is Preparing Others For A Fight Against ISIS

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1:42 pm 25 Nov, 2015


An ex-army man, Parminder Arya, has been giving training to Hindu children and adults (aged between 9-30 years) in military warfare so that they can fight ISIS,  the most dreaded terrorist organisation in the world.

Arya, who hails from Rori village in Uttar Pradesh, has served Indian army for fifteen years.

Daily in his courtyard, he gives training for two hours to the members of his group – Hindu Swabhiman Sangh.


Arya, who belongs to a landowning family, says the training is essential because Hindus across the country will have to fight for their survival in the years to come.


He says that the threat is from non-Hindus and abroad.


Apart from sword-fighting skills, Arya also teaches the group about the Hindu religion.

He says, our children will kill ISIS in the same way Lord Ram killed Ravan. “We will bury them right here and won’t stop till all of them are killed,” he adds.


Echoing his views, Chetna Sharma, a Hindu activist and  lawyer by profession, believes that the survival is not possible without fighting.

She says, “To fight, children should know the situation. We teach them history, make them understand it and train them in armed warfare.”

She emphasises that Hindus will be mercilessly killed at the hands of the ISIS, if they don’t learn to defend themselves.



Sharma, who is also zonal commissioner of the Akhand Hindustan Morcha, reveals that they even motivate the parents so that they send their children for the training.

She said the group recruits members through Whatsapp and Facebook groups. She said that they have around 100 groups on her phone and one message reached 2.5 lakh people.

11-year-old Shubhi, who has been receiving training, said:

“When our women go to college, Muslim men trick them into love and kill them.”


Though children are tutored by their mentors, the 21-year-old Kuldeep said that he only wants work for the government or, for a Hindu.


Arya, who has been an active member of VHP and Bajrang Dal, believes that they cannot rely on system every time.


Members of Hindu Swabhiman Sangh youtube

Members of Hindu Sawbhiman Sangh



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