Day After Trump’s Surprising Win, This Is How Shamelessly Indians Are Being Treated In The US

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5:59 pm 10 Nov, 2016

Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton has shocked the entire world. It is very much unexpected and sadly, America has dug his own grave.

Many of us are still not over with the eye-opener question, “What did the Americans do”? and now, the very first day of Donald Trump as the President has been a sad state of affairs for Indians. Few Indians have faced racism in the most disgraceful way and here are the incidents shared by them, which clearly indicates what lies ahead.

Manik Rathee, an Indian-origin engineer working at Google, shared an embarrassing situation:

America has changed:

Seeing Manik post, others too posted their experience:

Another one:

And this is getting more humiliating:

If this is what Trump’s America is about, then, Indians are not safe there!


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