16 Traits That Make Indian Women Great

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10:00 am 28 Aug, 2015

Indian women have been assigned innumerable roles by our society but beneath all those roles ascribed to them, have we ever wondered how amazingly different they are? I still cannot comprehend how one woman manages to perform all her tasks and look good at the same time.

1. The skin tone

Indian skin tone is a little dusky, close to natural tan, which gives women an understated elegance and camouflages their blemishes.

2. Blend of traditional and modern

The new age women in India have adapted well to the modern ways of living while still keeping in mind the traditional ways of society.

Indian women

3. The attire

The most commonly attributed attire is the saree, which looks best on an Indian figure – giving a traditional yet sexy look.

Indian women

4. Features

Indian women are defined by their broad foreheads, perfectly arched eyebrows and broad black eyes, which makes their faces look very attractive.

Indian women

5. Black hair

The characteristic black hair of Indian women impart an exotic element.

Indian women

6. All-rounder

Indian women are expected to perform both in the domestic and the corporate sector, so this proves their all-round efficiency.

Indian women

7. The spirit

Kudos to the spirit of Indian women who are struggling for equality in a strict patriarchal society.

Indian women

8. Family pillars

Indian women are strong pillars of a well-knit family structure as they are entrusted with the task of holding the family together.

Indian women

9. Caring attitude

It makes them excel in all the roles ranging from mother, daughter, wife etc.

Indian women

10. Good conversation skills

Hindi itself being such a polite language, Indian women are always seen as polite and soft-spoken.

Indian women

11. Ability to help others

Their ability to help others makes them stand out in the crowd.

12. Self sacrifice

Our image of a self-sacrificing and fearless Indian woman is true in the sense of how she feels it’s her duty to be able to do something for her family.

Indian women

13. Multi-talented

Indian women are multi-talented due to the training they receive during their childhood. Be it cooking, stitching, driving, dancing – they know it all.

Indian women

14. Clear goals

An Indian woman has clear goals for her future.

Indian women

15. Indian women are very adjusting

She is very adjusting. No matter what situation you put her in, she will try to make the best of it.

Indian women

16. Mild husky voices

She has a mild husky voice which lends it a sensual tone.


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