Indian Twitter Users Gave Us The Best Versions Of What Halloween Actually Means To Them

3:48 pm 1 Nov, 2017


Every year, October 31st is celebrated as Halloween throughout the world. Widely popular in the west, the trend has now found it’s space in India too. When we talk about Halloween, we get a glimpse of the Americans or the British, doing weird things, wearing their spooky outfits. However, just give a thought about Indians celebrating Halloween!


A Halloween bash in New York .-Halloween.NYC

Yesterday, Bollywood almost went crazy and celebrities came out in numbers to make their presence felt about how spooky they can look. Celebrating the All Hallows Eve seems to be just so unfair to us. The Indian audience is so much used to watching Ekta Kapoor’s high-end idiocy, that now they aren’t ready to pay any heed to this version of the drama.

Yet, let us take a look at what happened last night in the B-town, who all went lunatic and gave us no creeps.



Ekta Kapoor and squad!

Look at this picture carefully. We can easily spot, Ekta Kapoor, her bestie Anita Hassanandani Reddy, Divyanka Tripathi, Ankita Bhargava and Vivek Dahiya. Sadly, they aren’t scary at all. Moreover, Anita looks like a cat spoiling the picture. No goosebumps, no spooks.

In the times of social media, whatever happens, never gets spared from Twitter. And this time too, people have their own version of how Indians should celebrate Halloween.

Most of them were busy discussing issues related to governance.



After reading these tweets and putting them in the laughable-but-not-scary category, it appears how boring the idea of Halloween is. Instead, people are focused more on bringing out the real issues.


Never mind, did you pick your costume for the after Halloween party?