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15 Indian TV Shows Which Must Be Taken Off Air Right Now

Published on 26 June, 2015 at 8:00 pm By

1. Sasural Simar Ka

From a family drama to a supernatural series full of surgeries, rebirths, mistaken identities and beyond, Sasural Simar Ka has done it all, no wonder the virtual world is full of memes, proclaiming “Sasural Simar Ka, ch***yaapa duniya bhar ka“, why is the channel still waiting to pull the plug of the show?



2. Balika Vadhu

The show lost its appeal, more or less when Pratyusha Banerjee, the protagonist was replaced, handsome hunk Siddharth Shukla still managed to keep some content worth watching left and now after his exit, the show barely has a substance or a script. Who still gives it (a reason to keep airing)?


3. Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

The Modi family is now reunited after 18 years. Do we still need to watch the story of Gopi’s malnutritioned daughters unfold?


4. Yeh Hain Mohabbatein

The show was always a love triangle, which narrated the tale from the barren woman’s point of view who enters the life of the protagonist as the foster mother of his children, while he is very much in love with their biological mother. Thus with Shagun’s (Anita Hassnandani) exit, the fulcrum around which the show pivoted has been lost, rendering the show with shitty tracks! The weird thing is, the show is already almost 2 years old without the protagonists having consummated!



5. Diya Aur Baati Hum

Who cares about Sooraj and Sandhya’s twins or what they think of their confectioner father? And which IPS officer on earth basks in the glory of being a high school drop out’s wife? If it’s unrealistic, better be unrealistic and short rather than unrealistic and tedious!


6. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain

With Akshara and Naitik exchanging wedding vows perhaps for the 20th time in the show (and yet none of the characters who are now parents or grandparents to teenaged children having their appearances changed a bit since the first episode!) would the audience have to wait for the 100th occasion of them reexchanging their vows to get rid of the melodramatic and ever so boring show?


7. Crime Patrol

Even the Set India team seems to have run out of cases for telecast as stories are getting lamer and predictable every week. A gap followed by a return with a set of new and well researched stories in a fresh season, wouldn’t be a bad idea, after all.


8. Itna Karo Na Mujhse Pyaar

Who wants to watch an aging Ronit Roy taking constant snaps at a much younger Pallavi Kulkarne for 22 minutes in every episode?


9. Adaalat

The very first scene unwittingly ends up revealing the climax after so many years of cheesy and uncannily alike who dunnits, now!


10. Jodhaa Akbar

She ruined our childhood with Sanskari Bahus, let’s not allow Ekta Kapoor to ruin the good childhood memory of Ashutosh Gwarikar’s namesake film, with her series, which has stooped as low to try weird supernatural tracks now!


11. Qubool Hain

Do even the makers have a count of the number of roles Surbhi Jyoti played in the show?


12. Doli Armaano Ki

No one cares how did Urmi’s grandchildren fare in their lives!


13. Nach Baliye

Nach is ACTUALLY too much for viewers to handle this year with very poor standards of performances and too much of kiddish melodrama. Can’t a ‘grand finale’ as they call it, arranged in a couple of weeks and all the make-believe couples be warded off?


14. Chidiya Ghar

Half of the cast members having left the crew, the signal should be clear to the makers, that its probably time for a season break. We love Chidiya Ghar but a revamped season, wouldn’t hurt much, would it?


15. CID

And finally, the baap of long running shows, that has already turned to an adult with 18 years of screen time, CID perhaps aiming to be India’s Bold and Beautiful is going strong with loyal viewers gearing up for its telecast every weekend. Wondersome much, eh?




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