An Indian TV Series Copied Game Of Thrones’ ‘Hall Of Faces’. It Will Make Every GOT Fan Angry.

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7:16 pm 11 Apr, 2016


In the Season 6 promo of the ‘Game of Thrones’ we were taken around the Hall of Faces, where, among other things, we saw the face of Jon Snow.



That gave us reasons to be excited about the saga.

But I am shocked because I just saw another Hall of Faces – one that looks like a dirt cheap duplicate of some popular brand you find in any of those flea markets.

And this ‘Hall of Faces’ is part of the new promo of a stupendously stupid series called ‘Sasural Simar Ka’. No, it is not laughable; it shows the nadir in which Indian entertainment industry has fallen to.

Here it is. Go ahead, take a walk around an impossibly ludicrous copy.




As if the soap was not hair-ripping enough, they now have ripped us off our heads.