The Indian Man Trapped In Saudi Arabia Who Tearfully Narrated His Plight Is Now In Jail

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5:06 pm 21 Mar, 2016

Remember the Indian man who narrated his sad plight in Saudi Arabia through a video that went viral on the Internet?

Abdul Sattar Makandar (35), a native of Dandeli in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, is now languishing in a Saudi prison for his ‘crime’.




The Saudi police jailed him for posting the video and telling the world the sad inhuman treatment he is being subjected to at the hands of his Saudi employer.

Makandar has been working as a driver at construction engineering firm in Al Khobar since 2014. In the video, he is seen tearfully pleading to social activist Kundan Srivastava to get him out of the Kingdom because his employer has not granted him leave, seized his passport and not been paying his salary. He said that he was cheated into signing a document as per which 100 Riyals are being deducted from his salary.

Makandar was promptly arrested after the video went viral under a Saudi law prohibiting “spread of misinformation”.



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Makandar was first arrested on Monday, Mar 14, two days after posting the video. He was released on Thursday but was rearrested on Friday on unspecified charges.

Upon Al Khobar’s objection, Srivastava removed the video and also issued an apology on the condition that Makandar will be released. But the Saudi’s betrayed Srivastava and this is what he posted later:




A TOI report claims that Makandar might not be from where he claims to be, but Srivastava posted a video of the man’s family on Facebook.


I met Abdul Sattar Makandar’s family member including his moth…[#OperationMadad] I met Abdul Sattar Makandar’s family member including his mother, wife and four little children yesterday in his village Karnataka.Sharing their pain with you through the video. After the successful rescue of two brothers Feroz and Joshi Khan, Abdul reached out to me for help on 10th March. I am still working for Abdul constantly for eight days and beleive he will come back to India soon. Abdul Sattar Makandar has been trapped & jailed by Saudi company Al Suroor United Group, Emails and phone calls to Abdul’s company didn’t receive any response. Abdul’s plight made it to the headlines of The Huffingtom Post and the BBC world service.I received many people messages who are trapped by Saudi and will work for them. I would like to request everyone who is trapped by Saudi Arabian, contact me as soon as possible through messages.Attempts by The Hindu and myself contact the Ministry of External Affairs & Sushma Swaraj in Delhi failed. I urge every human being, come forward to support me to save Abdul Sattar Makandar’s life.

Posted by Kundan Srivastava on Sunday, 20 March 2016



This is not the first case of inhuman treatment against Indian workers in Saudi Arabia.

A few months ago, a video of a Saudi employer mercilessly beating his Indian employee went viral.



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Do you think India should adopt a stricter stand with regard to the treatment of its citizens in Saudi Arabia?



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