Huge Leap For Indian Tourism; As Many As 1.17 Lakh Visitors In February Alone

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Updated on 14 Mar, 2016 at 1:57 pm


India saw a huge leap of 369.1 per cent in its foreign visitors this February, when as many as 1.17 lakh people arrived within the country via online visa.

What needs to be noted is that at the same time last year, only 24,985 tourists had visited India.



Majority of the tourist that visited India last month were from UK (27.86%), followed by those from US (13.85) and France (8.085).





Besides UK, US and France, there were 6.21% visitors from Russia, 4.94% from Germany, 4.91% from China, 4.21% from Canada, 3.64% from Australia, 2.15% from Korea and 2% from Ukraine.

The data was disclosed by India’s tourism ministry, who added that they have extended the e-tourist visa facility to 37 more countries.

With the addition of 37 new countries, citizens of a total of 150 countries can now apply for India’s e-tourist visa.