Indian Teen Becomes Canada’s First Punjabi PM, Though Only For A Week

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6:25 pm 2 Mar, 2016

Justin Trudeau is the king of cool. You know that and the Canadian PM keeps proving it every day.

Guess what the the Canadian premier did for a terminally ill Indian teen? He made him the PM of Canada for a week!




Prabhjot Lakhanpal has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and is currently being treated for it.

He got prime ministerial treatment when he visited Ottawa with his family on February 24.


Lakhpal, who resides in Brampton, was not only welcomed like a true world leader, but was also allowed to live in the presidential suite of the Chateau Laurier hotel near Parliament Hill.


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To truly give him the presidential treatment, Make-A-Wish Canada, got the RCMP and Prime Minister’s Protection detail arrange tours for him and his family to visit the Musical Ride Branch and stables.

Lakhanpal, was then given a special security briefing like any political leader would be given and allowed to take a seat on a Challenger jet.




In his wish Lakhanpal had specifically asked to experience life as Canada’s leader and he had even joked about it on  his Facebook and Instagram profiles.

A jubilant Lakhanpal later joked that he is “Canada’s first Indian/coloured prime minister!”



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