Mean Metal Motors, An Indian Start-up, Is Building M-Zero – The Country’s First Supercar

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12:45 pm 6 May, 2015


Very soon, and I mean VERY SOON, India will be able to boast of its first homemade supercar. And if everything goes alright, it will come much, much before a bullet train whizzes across the western landscape of India.

A start-up called Mean Metal Motors is already working at this and recently uploaded a video showing a 3D rendering of M-Zero. And the beast looks awesome!


According to NDTV, founder-director Sarthak Paul is looking to build a parallel hybrid mid-engined supercar, which will use either a 4.0-litre AMG V8 bi-turbo or the 4.8-litre NA V10. With an electric motor, the car will be able to produce a total power output of 750+bhp and a torque of 900Nm.


The most beautiful thing about this car is its rear crosshair design. But that has more than just looks – the design will help the car correct its yaw the same way in a plane.



There is, however, one big reason for Indians not to get too excited over this: The makers are aiming at the European market. So you might not get to see it vrooming on one of our expressways.


Also, the car will be made by 4 teams from as many countries. Teams in Portugal and Italy will take care of body and styling; the UK team will see to the analysis; and the Indian team will handle the engine, transmission, aerodynamics, and other important tasks.

You can hear what the team at Mean Metal Motors have to say:


This will be a big moment for Indian motor scene. What do you think?



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