12 Awesome Reasons Why Indian Students Should Start Working Part Time While In College

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10:00 am 6 May, 2015


Even today, Indian communities mostly take financial responsibility of the kids till a very late age, but as the economy is growing, education is becoming more expensive, and the cost of living is touching the skies. It’s time the kids learn to stand on their feet early in life, and support themselves financially, through college years.

And there’s a bunch of things that you can do with your own money that you can’t with the money you get from home. So, get out and start working:

1. Learn what it takes to earn your own expenses. It brings superlative happiness.

And trust us, it takes much harder than it seems. But, it’s an experience that will make you forerunner in your future life.



2. Spend your money the way you like, without anyone dictating you how to do it.

In most cases, the accountability sets in automatically.


3. Help a friend in need! Give them food, shelter and some love too.

You can only do this if you have your own money.


4. Gas and cars, books, entertainment and other splurges, you’ll learn how to prioritize.

5. There is no better way to practically learn to earn and manage money.


6. It’s a great way to build a professional network. Always try and pick small projects for big companies.

Build your place in their good books before entering fulltime.


7. It adds value to your resume, if it shows any kind of work experience during college days.

Even if the job was serving ice creams.


8. Besides, you can party hard on your own money, without feeling guilty.

No more asking your mother or your sister for some extra monthly allowances.


9. Save up money to buy your parents and siblings gifts at the end of every semester.

So that this does not ever happen to you.


10. Save money to take your girlfriend out on a date.

Somasa and chai, – dude seriously? Treat her special with your hard earned money.


11. Invest some money in shares and learn the ways of the bulls and bears.

Especially if you have finance as one of the major subjects.


12. Plan a dream trip with the savings you make.

Go to the Leh, go to Bhutan, enjoy the beaches at Goa, or maybe go out on a jungle safari.

It’s your money, no questions will ever be asked.


13. Spend your money for a social cause, make donations, or contribute in special funds.

This is the best time to do some social work, because the future may never give you such an opportunity.




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