Indian Students Asked To Leave US University As They Don’t Have ‘Basic Coding Skills’

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6:39 pm 7 Jun, 2016

25 Indian students have been asked to leave US as they did not meet the requirements of their admissions and lacked computer skills.

Western Kentucky University admitted 60 students from India this year in January.  The university used international recruiters to find the students.

“Almost 40 of the students did not meet the requirements of their admissions, even though they were offered remedial help by the university. While some students will be allowed to remain, at least 25 of the nearly students in the program must leave,” James Gary, the chairman of Western Kentucky’s computer science program, told New York Times.

The university official explained that the students were unable to write computer programs, a necessary part of the curriculum and a skill that United States schools teach to undergraduates.

“If they come out of here without the ability to write programs, that’s embarrassing to my department. Permitting the students to continue in the program would be throwing good money after bad,” Gary said.

Aditya Sharma, the chairman of the Indian Student Association at the university, said some of the students had adopted a casual approach to their studies.


“They could not meet their G.P.A., so the university had to take this decision. Some of the students are seeking placement in graduate schools while others are considering applying to less rigorous programs. Those who are not able to find placement will be forced to leave the country under the terms of their visas,” he added.


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