Citizens Supported Indian Soldiers Through Standing Ovation, Started A New Tradition!

6:01 pm 16 Aug, 2018


Soldiers across the globe lay down their lives to protect those of their countrymen. They stay vigilant to fight day and night through any troubles that crop up across borders. And there is no contention in saying that Indian soldiers deserve the utmost respect for all their efforts. We as citizens need to let our army men know how much we appreciate them keeping us safe. And a recent display of support at the Jammu airport on the 72nd Independence Day is sure to touch all hearts.

You’d be proud to know what happened when Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers walked across the airport.



On August 15, 2018, when people were waiting at the Jammu Airport, a few Indian soldiers walked by. In a touchingly unanimous gesture, everyone in the waiting area got up to applaud the spirit of these soldiers.

Here is a video from the airport and you’ve got to watch it:



A speech by PM Modi is probably is the root of this gesture. Back in October 2016, PM Modi while addressing a crowd of war veterans and widows said the following:

“Often in foreign countries when sitting at railway stations or airports we see soldiers are given a standing ovation. Seeing three to four soldiers walk by, people stand-up and applaud, clap for them. Can we make this effort and slowly develop a tradition to show respect to our defense forces? These are small factors but make a huge difference in our lives and soldier’s lives.”



Well, it seems like the tradition to respect Indian soldiers is finally taking shape. This is not the first time proud citizens have shown their support for the Indian soldiers.

Here is another incident when passengers waiting at the Jammu Airport gave Indian soldiers a round of applause:



In April 2017, people at the Delhi Airport also gave Indian soldiers a heart-warming round of applause.



Well, we can’t think of a better way to show respect and love towards Indian soldiers. Can you?