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Will ISI – The Indian Secular Intellectuals – Ever See Beyond Their Skewed Opinions?

Updated on 29 August, 2018 at 2:24 pm By

21st century. One billion plus people. A big chunk of them youngsters. And the economy nearing the 2 Trillion USD mark.


Things in our country should have been all bright-and-shiny at this time. But, you know that isn’t exactly the case. This country is far from it.

While there are countless other reasons why India has not matured so well as a nation, the double standards of politicians, educated youngsters and opportunistic bunch of people, right from the corridors of power to the lowest ranks in the society, have inflicted serious damage on country’s social, political and economic landscape.



Let’s take the case of religious equality, conversions and law-of-the-land. News channels are devoting their prime time shows to it. Newspapers are publishing one article after another. Young writers with little or no knowledge of facts and ground realities are writing on it and bashing an organization without going into the details of what really happened or what else has been going on in the country for decades.

The Indian Secular Intellectuals (ISI) who have been working judiciously to present the RSS in bad light since it was alleged that the religious conversion of 350 odd Muslims to Hinduism in Ved Nagar was its doing, have obviously turned a blind eye to everything else. After all, making statements against the country, its glorious history, the oldest faith and culture is considered ‘elite’ in ISI circles.


Will they ever be willing to see beyond their skewed opinions and for once, stop judging or misjudging in the spur of a moment? While those hell bent on defaming the RSS (or any other organization for that matter) need not be told of the truth (they know it already), others who have formed rigid opinions after reading an article or two in a newspaper should definitely take a look at the facts mentioned below, lest they decide to live with the borrowed opinions.

1. Indian Constitution [Article 30] gave the right to establish and manage educational institutions with govt. aid to all religions minus Hindus.

Ramakrishna Mission had to claim non-Hindu status in 1984 due to this very reason!


2. Media and the secular intellectuals almost never questioned the policy of appeasing minorities.

WB govt. gave free bicycles only to Muslim girls, for example. There are dozens of other examples.

Mamta Banerjee

Image source:

What makes a community with 17 crore+ people a minority? Why are there so many schemes that have been specially designed for one specific community?

Are these schemes not indirectly motivating poor Hindus to convert?

3. Has anyone in ISI circles written or discussed large scale conversions in North East India?

In ten years, from 1991 to 2001, the Christian population in North East India grew by 44.7%.


4. Was Mahatma Gandhi not secular?

When Gandhi was around, Christian missionaries were at work. In many parts of the country, these missionaries were converting poor and innocent people by offering money. Some even resorted to fraud.


Mahatma Gandhi strongly believed that conversions under the cloak of humanitarian work were immoral. He resented it.

5. What about conversions at gun point?

An Armed militant group NSCN (IM) ordered Buddhist people to convert to Christianity as reported. That was just about 4 years ago in Arunachal Pradesh. As expected, secular intellectuals were silent on the issue.


NSCN (IM) founder said in an interview that “Although our problem with India is national and political in nature, the issue of faith inevitably turns out, when challenged, to be the most enduring force in the ultimate analysis.” There has been no uproar then or now regarding such events.

6. Is Joshua Project and 10/40 Windows secular?

Those who don’t know, this project was launched to ‘harvest’ our souls. We are to be converted to Christianity. The operation was named 10/40 Windows System.

Interestingly, the project marked each place in the target country according to the pin codes!


Demographic data has been gathered in order to decide on how much effort, finance and timeline is to be considered for conversions.

Most secular intellectuals don’t even know about such projects.

7. Will the secular intellectuals ever talk about The Niyogi Committee report?

The Niyogi Committee published a report on Christian Missionary Activities in 1956. The report was released by the MP government. It was stated that Roman Catholic missions used money-lending as a device to achieve conversions.


8. Nine Muslims were arrested for Dalit conversions in MP; no prime time for this in electronic media.


Image source:

9. Who owns the largest portion of India’s non-agricultural land? Catholic church.

And the most secular intellectuals perhaps don’t even know this fact, let alone scratching their head before trying to justify it.


10. After the Railways and Defence Ministry, who owns the biggest portion of land in India? Wakf Board.


And Azam Khan wanted Taj Mahal too. Hilarious.

11. What about the missionaries trying to overlap symbols of Hindu faith with Christianity?

Just trying to make it easy for people to switch?


12. A VHP grassroot leader was brutally murdered by missionaries in Odisha in 2008. Secular intellectuals chose to remain quiet.

On 23rd August 2008, Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati was brutally murdered by CPI-Maoist with the help of missionaries. On 6th October 2008 Sabyasachi Panda (BTW AAP offered him to join politics) claimed responsibility for the brutal killing. Eight culprits, including 7 Christians were sentenced.


In 1991, there were 70,000 Christians in Kandhamal, by 2001; it grew by 66% to 117,950.


All made possible with the active support of foreign funding. An Assam-cadre IPS officer(retd) Ashok Sahu after visiting the Kandhamal said that “An NGO World Vision patronized by Congress Rajya Sabha member Radhakanta Nayak, had a role in the attack on Swami Laxmanananda.”

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