18 Things That The Indian Right Wing Has Taught Many Of Us To Appreciate

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12:50 pm 4 May, 2015


1. Freedom

Because, let’s face it, if the right wingers had their way, we wouldn’t have any freedom. Their attempts to frighten people into living scared lives, only makes us appreciate our freedom more.


2. Education

If their idea of “education” was actually implemented, we’d have absolutely confused people in our country. Removing things from the syllabus that one doesn’t agree with will lead to mis-education.



3. Secularism

Of course, there’s been a massive attempt by the right wing to turn concepts and words like secular and democracy into abuses (sickular anyone?), but that only shows us that we need to remain secular.


4. Honesty

The Indian right wing is expert at blame games and counter accusations instead of honest and open discussion. Eg – Question: “Why did you do this today?” Answer: “Why did XYZ do that in 1952?”


5. The future

Right wingers wish to turn back the clock to a time that they feel was the best. In doing so, they refuse to see what was wrong with that time or what is right with this one. We, meanwhile, look forward.


6. Friends of the opposite sex

There’s a huge gender divide in right wing minds. They have clear set roles for men and women. It makes us appreciate our friends of the opposite sex who see us as people, not genders.


7. Valentine’s Day

Okay so maybe Hallmark is happier about this than us. However, the Indian right wing treats this day like it’s an orgy fest, so we feel compelled to celebrate it as a day of appreciating those we love.


8. Dialogue

If anyone has tried to talk to right wingers on any online forum, they know that there’ll be no dialogue, just a heap of abuses and threats. Thank God for discussions instead of emotional outbursts.


9. Forgiveness

Watching right wingers nurse century-old grudges or hate anyone who belongs to a religion, caste or creed that might have done some wrong sometime, makes us appreciate those who forgive and forget.


10. Humor

The most god-awful aspect of being radicalized is perhaps the inability to laugh at anything apart from other people’s pain/humiliation/etc. We appreciate those who can take (and make) a joke even more.


11. The simpler things

If you go to a club on Valentine’s Day and end up having a good time, a part of you thinks, “Thank God we didn’t run into right wingers.” It’s something you wouldn’t have thought of, if not for the right wing.


12. Diversity

Many of us celebrate nearly all holidays, even if we don’t follow their religion/beliefs. It’s fun to be part of so many celebrations, which is something that the right wing is trying to do away with.


13. Rationale

Right wing brains leap to judgments (western clothes = prostitute, clubs = sex, minority religion = threat, siblings = unmarried couple). People who reach logical conclusions have become our heroes.


14. Science

With claims of yoga curing AIDS and ancient science being better than the Large Hadron Collider, some actual scientific research and breakthroughs have soothed us back to normality.


15. Unity

Right wings beliefs and policies are based on exclusion and division. However, in our daily lives we try to make friends and be part of bigger communities – whether in real life or online.


16. Laws

Since vague notions of modesty and fixed ideas of women’s place in society are part of right wing ideology, it is common to hear them blame women for getting raped or molested. Hogwash!


17. Books

With ‘ban this, ban that’  as their motto, some of us have begun wondering about how long we’ll be able to enjoy irreverent, sarcastic and witty authors and their books. Read while you can!


18. History

As the right wing attempts to rewrite the entire history of the world, we thank real history for lessons like: ‘All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing.’




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