Indian Railways To Launch New Website And App For Faster Ticket Bookings

5:11 pm 25 Oct, 2017


In a bid to make rail ticket booking an easy and hassle-free process for millions of passengers, the Indian Railways is all ready to launch its revamped website and Android based mobile application- both go by the same name – Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).


According to a report furnished by Times of India, this new website will be “passenger-friendly, clutter-free with easier log-in and navigation” sans any time-out issues, which tend to perplex and irritate clients on a daily basis, especially those who are not tech-savvy and take a bit longer to complete the booking of tickets and other tasks.

It is to be noted that despite the Indian Railways being the most preferred mode of transportation in India, the difficulties in locating the perfect train for travelling and booking tickets swiftly, especially on the Tatkal format, have always been a point of concern for the passengers. And with this revamped website and mobile app, the Indian Railways seemingly wishes to address these issues.


Here’s a list of probable features that the new website and mobile app may include:

1. Display of confirmed tickets at a designated place on the website along with display of dates of journey to help passengers plan their journey better.

2. Mobile app to rely more on data analytics to prevent the misuse of important facilities, especially Tatkal.

3. Passengers will get SMS regarding the arrival and departure of their trains on a real time basis; thanks to ISRO, the application will also make use of satellite data.

4. In case of delays in train arrivals, the passengers will be alerted through text messages. This will be of great help for passengers who have to wait for hours at the stations when the trains turn in late.


All said and done, Indian Railways’ ticket booking website has often been criticized in the past for having failed to perform well during peak hours. It remains to be seen if in addition to offering some interesting features, the new website and the app are also fast enough to accommodate Tatkal ticket booking requests during peak hours.