Indian Railways Clean The Blankets Once In Two Months And That’s Disgusting!

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2:01 pm 28 Feb, 2016

The Indian Railways should add this to their long list of public service announcements.





(Passengers please pay attention. While travelling in train, please do not use the blankets; they have not been washed for two months.)

MoS railways Manoj Sinha admitted it in the Rajya Sabha.


Relax, the minister added that they are “sanitized every 15 days”. 15 days? But that’s a long time!


Blanket 5


The next time you travel in that AC coach in one of our trains, you are advised not to cover yourself with the blanket.


Train Blanket


Any solution? Yes.


Rail Blanket


Or better still.


Indian Blanket Man


The minister said that the bedsheets and pillow covers are washed on a daily basis. But you can’t beat the cold chill from the AC with a think bedsheet.



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