9 Indians Who Were So Proud Of Their Results That They Wanted The World To Know

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12:00 pm 31 Mar, 2016

You must have heard people talking about parents thrashing their children even after scoring 80-90%. But here is a different story, no matter what these people’s results were, there parents or they themselves have taken it cheerfully.


1. This guy has just passed his examination with 41.60% and calls himself intelligent!

We need such people around who can take things in a positive way.



2. He should stop flaunting his degrees and the place from where he got these. This way he will get more time get some more.



3. Yup, he is a doctor as well as an advocate. If the medicine goes against you, he will happily represent you and sue himself.

So economical!



4. He has barely passed his subjects, yet they are happy that at least he has passed the examination!



5. Now that’s what we call a consistent record.



6. Wait! What is Obama doing there?



7. At least the lady knows all the alphabets, no matter in what order.



8. People are heartily congratulating this person for passing his 12th with 36.36%!



9. Records of cheating broken all at once!



Credit: gagnam



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