16 Inventive Indian Protest Signs

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7:30 pm 3 Feb, 2016

From corruption to black money, there have been a large numbers of protest seen in the country in recent times. These posters were a powerful reminder of reality and also reminded us of our responsibility towards society.  Here are some creative Indian protest posters:


1. To be fair, wives aren’t free maids/nurses either!


2. This man nails it.


3. Men, you need to ignore our lipstick.


4. You are coward, not a man.


5. A humble request through protest:


6. Save the nation by seizing gold from the rich.


7. Justice, not death.


8. “Chinky” is a racial slur, not an identity!


9. Can we buy justice, since we can’t seem to get any?


10. How you think is far more important than what you wear. Change minds, not dress codes.


11. Because the girl child is equally important.


12. Raise your kids as human beings with strong moral values, not as predators and victims.


13. Corruption, leave India.


14. Reservation without restraint isn’t making things better.


15. Girls are people, too!


16. Chop off their raping tool.

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