Chinese Are Increasingly Buying Indian Foods And Other Indian Products. Yes, You Read That Right

12:39 pm 15 Nov, 2017


With large number of Chinese buying Indian products during the recent annual shopping event the Singles Day on November 11, Chinese appetite for Indian brands appears to have hit a new high.

While the annual shopping carnival saw millions of consumers purchase a wide range of goods, most of which are manufactured in China, several foreign-made goods, including those produced in India, Europe and the US, were also hawked and purchased at the event.


Indian grocery items, ready-made food and Ayurvedic cosmetic brands like Amul, MDH Masala, Gits, Tata Tea, Haldiram, Dabur, Patanjali and Himalaya, were snapped up on Alibaba’s, and several other Internet marketplaces.


With the online market attracting a large chunk of the Chinese population with attractive discounts on the occasion, the one-day buying frenzy has emerged as the world’s biggest shopping day eclipsing Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the United States.



There is a lot of attraction for Indian foods and many other products all over China which are sold by hundreds of local traders through online stores and physical shops.

There are said to be more than 100 physical stores selling Indian products in different Chinese cities. These shops, most of whom are run by local traders, also sell online.

The most sought-after Indian goods in China are said to be spices followed by cosmetics. Textiles and home decoration pieces are also said to be on sale in large scale in China.



However, the quality of Indian spices like cardamom and cumin seeds are said to be far superior in India as compared to those sold in local Chinese markets. It is said that turmeric has become very popular in China. A wide range of packaged Indian sweets is also said to be on sale at the online markets.

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