5 Times The Indian Police Officials Deserved Much Applause For Their Outstanding Work

11:30 am 19 Aug, 2018


One of the most difficult services in India is that of police officials. It involves a great deal of responsibility, discipline and determination. You have to be prepared for everything. Speaking about their work, there have been times when Indian police have emerged as real saviours for people and have saved the day. A big thanks to the Indian police officials.

With their outstanding work, all Indian police officials deserve is much kudos and respect. These instances here are a proof of their hard work and determination. You’ll be amazed to see, the extent to which they can go in order to help the people.



Take a look at these five instances which prove that Indian police officials are indeed the real-life Singhams of our country:


1. Kamala Mills mishap



Police Constable Sudarshan Shinde saved the victims of Kamala Mills Fire. Apparently, he carried them on his shoulders. As per a media report, on December 28, 2017, a fire broke out at Mumbai’s Kamla Mills during midnight and he was amongst those cops who were able to make it to the destination on time.


2. Solving a kidnapping case!



Well, the picture says it all! A police inspector from Hyderabad saved a mere 4-month-old baby boy from getting kidnapped, a big salute to the efforts of Inspector R Sanjay Kumar.



3. U.P Police’s effort to promote safety!



This one’s hilarious yet commendable. In 2017 Lucknow cops decided to gift helmets to the wives of the men who were caught without helmets while riding their two-wheeler. A great initiative indeed! What makes it more hilarious is that all this happened during the day of Karva Chauth (a traditional festival in India dedicated to praying for long life of husbands).


4. An SPO prevents major mishap in Jammu and Kashmir!


Representational image, Indian police officials

Representational image NDTV


We are certainly lucky to have these brave officers and soldiers who risk their lives for our sake. As per a media report, an SPO prevented a major mishap which could have injured many. Apparently, he alertly hurled back the grenade thrown by the terrorists over a security vehicle in Sopore district in Jammu and Kashmir.


5. MSF jawan saves the day!



He was no less than a saviour for a woman who could have been pulverized by the train wheels. Can you even imagine? As reported by media, the woman was saved by Yogesh Chavan who happened to be on the spot because of patrolling.

Well, these officials are brave, gutsy and all of them surely deserve much appreciation for what they do! What do you think?