Arrested Indian Navy Officer Is Retired And Not An R&AW Man: MEA Tells Pakistan

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7:45 pm 25 Mar, 2016


At an undisclosed location on Thursday, Pakistan arrested an Indian who they claimed is an R&AW officer. The MEA headed by Sushma Swaraj has now issued a statement saying that the man is indeed a Navy officer but retired and has no connection with India’s external intelligence agency.




Pakistan has claimed that the man Kul Yadav Bhushan, is a commander-ranking officer in the Indian Navy involved in “subversive activities in Balochistan and Karachi”.

Balochistan Home Minister Mir Sarfaraz Bugti Bugti claimed that Bhushan was fuelling sectarian violence in the region with Baloch separatists.





On Friday, the Pakistan foreign office issued a statement saying that the Indian High Commissioner Gautam Bambawale has been summoned by the Foreign Secretary in connection with the matter.

This is the first time Pakistan has arrested a man suspected of being an R&AW officer though Islamabad has often accused India of creating tensions in the Balochistan region.




One must note here that Balochistan is a restive province in southern Pakistan where voices calling for separation has been on the rise in the last few decades. The Pakistani Army has brutally suppressed the separatists and have often been accused of committing crimes against the people of Balochistan.

Unlike Pakistan’s proven involvement in terrorist activities against India in Kashmir and other places, it has never been able to produce evidence of R&AW’s involvement in any activity in Balochistan.

Only twice has been R&AW’s presence in Pakistan revealed: The first time it was due to Morarji Desai’s ‘act of betrayal‘, and the second time was because of an agent’s disclosure that got Ravinder Kaushik, India’s most successful operative in Pakistan, caught.