This Footage Of Indian Navy Thwarting A Piracy Attempt In Gulf Of Aden Is Absolutely Thrilling

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6:49 pm 17 May, 2017

The Indian Navy is part of the naval forces deployed to tackle piracy in one of the most dangerous waters of the world – the northwest region of Arabian Sea.


An Indian Navy chopper circles over suspected pirates in the Gulf of Aden.

The Gulf of Aden is one of the busiest sea routes of the world.

But the Gulf, which is the entrance to the Red Sea and thereby to the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal, shares a coastline with Somalia – a strife-torn country infested by pirates.


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On May 16, the INS Sharada, an Indian Navy Sukanya-class patrol vessel, was in the region when she received a distress call from a Liberian vessel MV Lord Mountbatten.

Responding quickly, the INS Sharada reached the Mountbatten’s position and launched an anti-piracy operation.

Indian Navy

There were eight skiffs and two dhows in the area. Three of those vessels fled as soon as they spotted INS Sharada.


The MARCOS team approaches a dhow. Indian Navy

The Indian Navy launched an armed helicopter and a team of the elite MARCOS to investigate the remaining vessels.


MARCOS team on board one of the dhows. Indian Navy

This is a footage of that operation. You can see the chopper circling around the dhows and skiffs as MARCOS men board and search the vessels:


They recovered one high calibre AKM assault rifle along with a fully loaded magazine hidden on board a dhow.


Indian Navy

The Indian Navy has been very active in the region since 2008. Till date the Indian Navy has escorted 3749 ships, rescued 74 fishermen and apprehended 120 pirates.


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