‘Indian Muslims Will Never Support Terrorism,’ Says Badruddin Ajmal Reacting To ISIS Video

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12:18 pm 23 May, 2016

AIUDF politician and perfume magnet Maulana Badruddin Ajmal has reacted to a video recently released by ISIS in which the terror outfit vowed to avenge the Babri Masjid, and the killings of Muslims in Kashmir, in Gujarat, and in Muzaffarnagar.

Perfume magnet Maulana Badruddin Ajmal nelive

Perfume magnet Maulana Badruddin Ajmal nelive

Reacting to the video, Ajmal wrote on Twitter:

Recently, the Islamic State released a new 22-minute Arabic-language documentary on purported Indian jihadists in its ranks. It is the first propaganda the Islamic State has produced with content focused on India and South Asia.

The only individual conclusively identified in the video was Thane engineering student Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, who travelled to Syria in 2014 along with three other men from the city, according to the Indian Express. He had used the pseudonym Abu Amr’ al-Hindi.

“We will return,” Sheikh vowed and paid homage to his friend from Thane, Shahim Tanki, who is said to have been killed in in Raqqa last year. The third member of the group, Areeb Majid, is now being prosecuted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).



“To those in the Indian state who wish to understand our actions,” said an unidentified jihadist, “I say you have only three options: to accept Islam, to pay jizya, or to prepare to be slaughtered.”

The video also warned the Muslim clerics, who they say are supporting the forces of kufr against the mujahideen of the Islamic State.

Responding to the video, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said that the government is taking all necessary steps for the security of the country.

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