There Is Only One Thing In The World That Has The Power To Unite All Indian MPs

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10:00 am 21 Mar, 2015

Common people cannot even think of doing what a tiny insect species does regularly in the Parliament – suck the blood of our lords.

Yes, the ubiquitous mosquitoes do not spare the ‘beyond-reach’ parliamentarians, too.

Such is their terror that RS MP Jaya Bachchan raised this pressing concern during the budget session of the parliament.

Addressing the Chairman, she said:

BJP leader Najma Heptullah (for once) seconded Mrs. Bachchan’s concern quipping:

Ravi Shankar Prasad, too, joined in requesting the Chairman to protect the MPs just like he maintains the sanctity of the upper house.

Mosquitoes do give everyone a lot of trouble, but look at how they have brought together our otherwise warring politicians. Give them a standing ovation, please!


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