15 Valid Reasons Why You Have Every Right To Say Indian Monsoons Suck

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9:30 am 28 Jul, 2018


It rained and you thought the sky bidding a goodbye to the scorching Sun ends all your problems? Well, it’s just the beginning of newer problems. Indian monsoons really suck, but we only complain from home and never come out in public to say that it really sucks and so we face the same problem year after year. What we really need is to speak up.

Here are 15 valid reasons why you have every right to say that Indian monsoons suck. Take a read and let’s speak up to change things for the better.

1. Monsoons and Mosquitoes: still a better love story than twilight?




2. Not to forget waterlogged roads!



3. Not affluent enough to have a swimming pool in your house around the year? You can nevertheless live in a swimming pool during the monsoons!



4. And you thought mirages only occur in deserts? How could you possibly forget the famous potholes on Indian roads?



5. Nothing feels worse than being on a house arrest due to non-stop rain



6. Returning home from work/college is a herculean task!



7. Owning a private vehicle doesn’t make it much easier as well. Remember its ugly dance in the sloshy and uneven roads?



8. If you are newbie driver, then God bless your sight as raindrops ruin your view of the front glass



9. May your hair, dress and make up be blessed too, especially if you have a meeting, date or invitation ahead



10. Abusing Bollywood is the only solace to let out your frustration



11. Who says monsoons are romantic? Who wants to date a mess with a runny nose?



12. If not an ugly cold or a running nose, the appearance of acne from your monsoon-induced pakoda craving will render you ‘undateable’



13. Remember your to and fro marathon to the terrace/balcony with a bucket full of wet clothes as the rain plays hide and seek with the sky?



14. Not to forget the disastrous impacts monsoons usher in at different states every year



15. And if you still think nothing could get worse, wait for the sluggish, ineffective and unmotivated response on part of the government machinery such as bureaucracy, police and relief groups in the wake of disasters



Do you still enjoy Indian monsoons?

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