10 Instagram Artists That Are Giving Us Some Major Creative Inspirations

8:00 am 4 Apr, 2018


Art is constantly redefining itself and we have unquestionably found new ways of expression in the present digital age. With the introduction of social media networks, there are many platforms for comic artists and illustrators to showcase their ingenious artworks. Indian artists are giving a new dimension to the way we consume art.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks where the urban artists are coming up to share their passion for artworks that are entertaining, informative and edgy.

They are using the digital technology to provide a fresh direction to the way we use the paintbrush and colour palette. From intricate doodles to typography, and from quirky illustrations to abstract paintings – Instagram is packed with some of the most eccentric artistic posts.

Here are some of the best Indian Instagram artists who will leave you awestruck with their exceptional work.



1. Alicia Souza (@aliciasouza)



Bangalore based artist, Alicia Souza’s simply adorable illustrations are about her daily sentiments of life. She has given birth to the cutest cartoon characters, which by the way are her dog Charlie and guinea pig Henry-Oats in her many illustrations. From her love for chips to her beautiful family, she designs the most relatable sketches.


2. Samar (@metrodoodle)



A software developer by profession, Delhi based Samar travels regularly by metro. Like anyone else, even he needed something to kill boredom during his travel time. So he chose to doodle his metro hours. His love for aliens and metro collaborated to create something so unique that made him an Insta-famous artist.


3. Aniruddh Mehta (@thebigfatminimalist)



Mumbai based artist, Aniruddh uses minimalism to create geometric vibrations and prominent symbols. He uses cubes, block, walls and other daily objects to develop patterns of spatial balance and symmetric minimalism.  His techno mandalas are quite incredible.


4. Neha Sharma (@nehadoodles)


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Hashtag throwback.

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Neha Sharma’s doodles are inspired by her day-to-day activities that are then transformed into humorous and full of drama comics. Based in Delhi, she gets ideas for her doodles from anything that interests her, be it her mother and dog Minty or a famous Punjabi song.


5. Neethi (@kneethee)


An illustrator and textile print designer, Neethi claims that she is a socially awkward person. Her sketches tell a different story. Dynamic and high-spirited, her illustrations are brilliantly full of colours and happy vibes.


6. Mansi Deshpande (@ thecomicalcyanide)



Mansi Deshpande is a visual storyteller who creates inspirational and humorous cartoons that will definitely take away your Monday blues. Her easy to understand comics based on daily interactions are something you will fall in love with.


7. Asfa Sabrin (@asfasabrin)


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I am sorry I couldn't save the world.

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Asfa’s work is an array of emotions based on multiple perspectives. There are a variety of emotions in her sketches that focus on issues related to women and society today. There are artworks based on quotations and poetry as well.


8. Jasjyot Singh Hans (@ jasjyotjasjyot)



Animator and illustrator Jasjyot Singh Hans’s Instagram account is full of drawings based on Indian women and their raw human emotions. There is a mixture of images and tones that are striking some honest pop culture imagery.


9. Harshvardhan Kadam (@inkbrushnme)


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BUDDHA : The Tale of Enlightenment. From the yagya ritual performed by sadhus for days along, emerged a monstrous tiger. Tiger is the ego of enraged sadhus, corrupted by presence of a beautiful woman that walked along with Shiva, apparently a convenient distraction. Little did the Sadhus knew that it was Vishnu who walked as a woman to question there intent of Yagna. The tiger pounced upon Shiva. But swiftly, with just a finger, Shiva split opend the tiger and wore his skin around the waist. And the legend goes on. A reminder to us about unleashing our egos and how's pointless it is to even poses one. – From the archive. #Buddha #Shiva #Vishnu #Lotus #earth #fire #wind #water #space #forest #tiger #graphicnovel #huffpostarts

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Harshvardhan is spreading magic with his diverse and extravagant murals based on the art of sequential storytelling. He has recently painted India’s largest Mural in Pune. His Instagram account will mesmerize and inspire you to pick a paintbrush and start painting.


10. Gaurav Basu (@acid_toad)



Bengaluru based artist Gaurav Basu creates hand-drawn illustrations that are present on his Instagram handle, acid_toad. His artwork fashions dark and complex creatives which go best with Basu’s interest. Besides being an artist and a graphic designer, Gaurav Basu has his own metal band, Inner Sanctum.



Let us know in the comments if you are also inspired by their uniquely amazing artwork.

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