27 Mind-Blowing Things Indians Did In Last 60 Years That Would Make Narayan Murthy Proud

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5:00 pm 22 Jul, 2015

1. Krrish invented a unique counting system in India. Krrish 3 came without 1 and 2.


Windows Krrish


2. Only Indians know how to convert a one lane into four lane roads. Drive on any road and you’ll know.


3. Indians are experts in turning every wall into urinals.




4. Jugaad technology especially the expertise in katiyabaazi.


5. Subhash Mukhopadhyay – we’re being serious here – created India’s first IVF baby, Durga aka Kanupriya Agarwal.

India killed this man.


6. Declaring an Emergency when there is no such need has been practiced to perfection in India.


7. There is a desi Superman. If you don’t believe it, check ‘Malegaon ka Superman’.


8. The cheapest space mission has been carried out by Indians.




9. There is no doubt that India is the most vibrant democracy.




10. Only Indians know how to publicize rescue operations in a war zone on Twitter.


11. Rakhi ka swayamvar. Need we say more?


12. Only Indians hire detectives to spy on bride and groom before marriage.




13. Datta Phuge and his gold shirt. If you don’t know him, you are Jon Snow.


14. Inventing false death and birth certificates is a cultural part of India.


15. Indian army uses ghost chilli as a weapon. Seriously!


Chili Khake


16. Arvind Kejriwal – The most revolutionary creation of India.


Arvind Kejriwal


17. The great Yoga spread. Everyone in the world knows its pure Indian touch.


18. And have you seen the ‘innovative’…umm…’inspired’ Bollywood posters?


19. We have destroyed laws of Physics and logic through cinema such as Salman Khan’s latest films.


20. They created Thor, Indians created a God who wields a bat.


21. Pulley with a stopper that prevents the bucket from falling back in the well.


22. Tree Climbing Machine that can actually help anyone climb trees to pluck coconuts.


23. The cheapest water walking shoes made on earth.


24. Pedal-Powered Washing Machine created by Remya Jose of Kerala.


25. Aloevera gel maker by Dharamveer Kamboj that is sure shot big deal in India.


26. Making the cheapest chandelier.

Yes, this one is made from empty bottles.


27. Indians can create a berth in a train coach with none.


Over to Murthy saheb.



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