Indian Girls Face These 9 Struggles While Dating For The First Time

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Updated on 24 Mar, 2016 at 11:31 pm


Being an Indian girl and experiencing first love is not easy. Dating is treated as a taboo in India, especially for girls. If you are dating a guy, your family or society will not leave a single chance to make your life hell. But even after so many issues, we somehow manage to add that love twist in our lives. Here are the struggles we face when we first start dating:


1. You start keeping your phone under high security. You don’t want your family members to read your love sexts.


2. His number is saved under your bestie’s name. Your best friend is your savior after all.


3. He drops you miles away from your home because your neighbors have those eagle eyes.



4. He is not allowed to give you surprise calls when you are home.




5. You just make do with daytime dates as you are not allowed to go out at night.



6. Trips with him are still a dream for you as your parents don’t allow trips with guys.



7. You pretend that you are talking to your bestie if your mum suddenly sees you on phone with someone.


8. You lie that you are going out with your bestie whenever you have to go meet your guy.


9. You can only talk to him at night once everyone is asleep.