19 Wanderlust Feeling Every Indian Girl Dreams Of

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Updated on 14 Mar, 2016 at 5:29 pm


Even though there’s a travel bug in each one of us , an Indian girl longs for it much more than anyone else. Escaping into the wilderness, oblivious to society’s principles is what we seek; desperately.

Here are 19 things we would really really like to be able to do- at least once!



1. Walk barefoot on a lonely field of barley.

2. Lie down on the side of a road and watch cars go by.

3. Catch a random bus, or train, and go somewhere unknown.



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4. Give zero chills about eating at a roadside Dhaba

5. Stay at a local’s place in mountains.



6. Travel on the roof of a bus, or truck, and watch the clouds go by.

7. Watch the desert sparkle in the moonlight.

8. Make sand-castles and collect sea shells until dawn.



9. Hop into one of those little bullock-carts.

10. Pause for a man sitting on the wayside and listen to his story.

11. Find a pond and lounge in it all day long.

12. Take a bike and hit the road at 1 AM and watch the sunrise.



13. Stay at a Dargah, listen to qawwali and have a tryst with spirituality.

14. Sit under a tree in the middle of nowhere and read a book.

15. Walk deep into the woods and be afraid only of tigers and wolves.

16. Climb a tree, climb a hill.

  tree gif


17. Join a shepherd with his flock of sheep.

18. Take a yoga mat, head to a splendid but secluded spot and just be.

19. Grab a beer and get high by the beach.



All we’re asking for is the reassurance that we are safe, that we can be ourselves and be FREE. Can you guys give us a world like that someday? A world where we can just pick up our backpacks one fine day and go wherever we wish to. No planning, no groups, nothing to fret about. Can you?